About Teratree

One of our first goals is to set out an ideal vision.

To do this we need to gather opinion on the best possible ways tree planting can be done.

Here are some factors gathered so far:

  • Participatory - when people act, governments follow. When people plant trees, water them and watch them grow, they want that tree and other trees to do well. They become aware of how hard it is to remove carbon and more conscious of not producing so much.
  • Frictionless - we should try to remove all barriers to tree planting so that those that want to do it, know they have legal and community support for their intended locations. Permissions should be automated and instant (ideally pre-approved)
  • Local - let's plant trees from seeds found nearby, not flown across the world
  • Well matched to the ecosystem - by analysing soil types and nearby woodland we can recommend the right mix of trees for the nature in the area
  • Nicely Haphazard - we don't want long lines of identical trees (monoculture) doing nothing positive for wildlife.
  • Not involving leaving non-biodegradable plastic in the ground - we don't want planting trees to add the plastic burden

Other things to consider:

  • Trees take a long time to grow so they don't capture their carbon at the start
  • Trees capture more carbon when they are younger. As they grow, carbon goes into the trunk.
  • Dying trees release CO2 back as they break down
  • Perhaps harvesting mature trees and using them in buildings/furniture so they don't rot is a good idea?
  • Planting trees won't solve global warming without a fairly immediate stop to emissions. But perhaps planting trees can make people aware of how big a problem emissions are so that they are more willing to make changes that cut emissions.

More to come...